Discover The Power Of Plants

I have always wanted to write a book; to get my words down on paper to share with the world. I have always wanted to make a difference.  I thought my dream would always just be that, a dream. One day in December, it hit me. I could easily write a book and publish it myself. I didn’t need to try to pitch my book idea to a publisher. Everything I needed I already had. That was such an empowering moment. I can make my own dream come true!

I blocked off an hour every night after everyone went to bed and got to work. The book flowed out of me in just a few hours, because it has been living in my head for years.


My goal with EatThin is to teach everyone that through eating the right food in abundance you can achieve your best body. Nothing breaks my heart more than seeing people starving themselves in the pursuit of thinness. We all know the cycle, you cut your calories drastically for a few days (maybe a few weeks if you are really motivated) only to binge eat, “fall off the wagon”, and regain all the weight you lost–plus an extra 3 pounds (due to metabolic damage.) I structured my meal plan to teach you how to eat in abundance while still losing weight. I show you how to incorporate your favorite foods back into your life in a mindful manner. I call them “mindful indulgences.” I hate the phrase “cheat meal.” I show you how to truly make a lifestyle change and break up with your bad habits once and for all!

Since I love to eat, I created over 30 new healthy and delicious recipes just for us! These recipes are all high in nutrients, yet low in calories. You don’t have to sacrifice taste to achieve the body you want. All my recipes will help you decrease inflammation, decrease bloating and increase your vitality!

It would be my honor if you purchased a copy of Eat Thin for yourself and joined me on this amazing plant-based journey toward complete health and vitality!