Mango Carrot Smoothie

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Carrot Mango Smoothie


It was so nice out this morning I decided to whip up a smoothie and head outside with my babies. I have been loving carrot juice lately, so I decided to make a smoothie with it as the base. I simply juiced a cup of fresh carrots juice and added a cup of frozen mango to the vitamix and in 30 seconds I had a smoothie the whole family loved.

This smoothie is loaded with beta carotene. We all know beta carotene is great for eye health, but it does so much more! It helps to increase your immune system to fight off colds, flus, infections and even protects your cells for toxins and cancer formation.

Mangos are another great fruit to add to your diet.  They are high in enzymes and soluable fiber. Both of which aid digestion. The high fiber content is also great for lowering cholesterol. Mangos are alsoa  great vegetarian source of iron. Plus, they are yummy! 


  1. Great post. I agree with you totally, especially last words. Keep posting posts like this one.

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