After School Snacks!

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If your child is anything like mine, they come home from school starving! This is a perfect time to give them a nice treat that also provides a little boost of nutrition for their little bodies. My mom often welcomed me home with my favorite chocolate chip cookies! I know now as a mother, that she missed us during the day so she wanted to show us her love with her cookies. I do the same thing for my babies!

Here are some of my favorite after school treats:

peanut butter zucchini brownies

skinny blueberry muffins

banana chocolate chip cookies

paleo grain free chocolate chip cookies

-banana with peanut butter and chocolate chips


Sometimes my daughter is in the mood for a small meal when she gets home. Here are some of her favorites:

white bean tuna salad served on flaxers (flax seed crackers)

peanut sauce as a dip for veggies (usually broccoli because she loves how much more sauce she gets per bite!)

-potstickers from Trader Joes dipped in the peanut sauce

–cucumber boats-I cut a cucumber in a half long ways and spread hummus all over the top

Let me know if you have any great snack ideas for kids after school! Feel free to leave a link!



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